Bichon Frisé - Puppies birth D

On 24 November 2012 was born four puppies from mating Ginili Kiki z Hlučínských nebes and our dog Colin Starobělský les.

Picture Name Sex Weight (g) Availability
Daimon Starobělský les - 10 weeks Daimon Male 166 Sold
Damián Starobělský les - 3 months Damián Male 178 Sold
Dandy Starobělský les - 3 months Dandy Male 196 Sold
Dorotha Starobělský les - 7 weeks Dorotha Female 200 Sold

This is the last litter of our female Ginili Kiki Hlučínských from heaven - decided Caesarean operation and age.

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