Bichon Frisé and Leonberger - Characteristic


The origin of The Leonberger race is dated to 1846, we know it exactly. Leonberger dog was the result of the effort of dog - fancier Heinrich Essing from Leonberg. Leonberg is situated by Stuttgart in Germany. He was full - time fancier, because he took care of many animals in his home. The idea was to create the dog, who looks like a lion and is friendly and suitable for guarding. Leonbererger dog was created by intersecting Saint Bernard's dog, Newfoundland dog and Pyrenees shepherd's dog.


Leonberger dog is impressive both for beginners and advanced, dog for those who have conditions, space, time, and even some financial support that enables them to behave in such a large dog. And who fits? Leon is a quiet, friendly, easy to use, attentive, excellent guard property and space, which is entrusted to him. If necessary, although not aggressive by nature, but he missing a healthy self-esteem and can also greatly in need of intervention. Although not exercise training in basic obedience is of course necessary. Education must be conducted in a calm, slightly slower, without violence and rudeness, but consistently. He who is for him to decide he should be aware of entitlements and holding up a large breed or giant breed brings. No rude and unmanageable dog is not a good sign for its owner, but disobedient Leonberger - it can be almost a disaster. For with this dog, we meet with a height of 65-80 cm, and sometimes more, and the corresponding weight 50-75 kg!


It is suitable for him more room, garden, frequent walks, not inconsiderable expense is also higher quality feed consumption and vitamin and mineral preparations for the proper development of a strong and rapidly developing skeleton. Leonberger's temperament ideal family dog​​, playful, kind, non-sagging, adaptable, whose great personal qualities can fully develop precisely in close contact with family, children. It is knowing and intelligent, learned to forget. Not absolutely for permanent possession in a small confined space, a pen, but even for the lonely life of a dog-watcher different factories, warehouses, and parking lots. Even hard service training is not his domain, but will be satisfied with him as the owner of the dog work, rescuer, lavinářem, tracker, because the people are acting in the ordinary intercourse quite friendly.

Special care

In adulthood is a good partner for athletes, really love swimming. We are already at the club and a female, which is excellent for working with disabled children and soon will be forwarded for further action in the dog Canis-therapeutic society. Abundant in no way does not specify, maintain the normal brushing. It occurs in many shades from yellow lion, over gold, mahogany to mildly pročernalou, called Black overlay, black, may never be defining color of the dog. The hair is long, rich, with a distinct undercoat, which allows year-round outdoor keeping dogs in the corresponding quarters. Coat forms, especially in males, rich mane, feathering on the feet long. Anyone who wants to have an unusual, beautiful, big dog friend, guard and companion, you can feel free to choose to be just Leonberger. Concern and care for the owner gets really 'lion' share of love, loyalty and devotion.

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