Bichon Frisé - Characteristic


The predecessor of this breed can be quite demonstrably search in antiquity. At that time belonged to the group of so-called white "women" dogs. Their popularity continued and continued to rise in the Middle Ages, when they breeds primarily on French and Italian royal court. Gradual further breeding originated in the period between the two world wars and the current form of standard breed Bichon Frise.


A small dog with curly hair and a cheerful expression eyes. Bichon coat is silky soft, hanging down in spirals and reaches 7-10 cm. Coat color is always white. The optimum height of dogs is 27 and for females 25 cm. Bichon body is well-built with a significantly developed strong chest and groin parts are drawn. Ridge slopes towards the tail, the tail is attached in the dorsal plane and turns it back over the stern. But it is not curled. Bichon legs are straight, parallel to each other and have delicate bones. Due to the size of the entire neck is fairly long. The head has a round feel through editing, but the shape of the skull is rather flat. Ears Bichon drooping down, go back to about half the length of the muzzle. Eyes bichon have a round shape and are large and always dark.


Already from that historical perspective, it is clear that the Bichon Frise is a social dog that needs to be among people. It is his basic need - then it's hilarious, lively and playful dog. His character is well balanced, affectionate, with no signs of aggression, although Bichon fearless dog. Stands out for its natural intelligence, thanks to very quickly learn what is requested of him. Its relationship to other possible animals in the family's trouble, to children behaves just as affectionate to adults, unless of course they hurt. Due to its size, it is lightweight dog, well suited to the smallest flat.

Special care

The largest part of care and concern for the bichon naturally attaches to his coat. It really requires daily combing to the skin and regular clipping. Ideally, the coat should bichon cut at least once every two to three months, but in the case of exhibitions is necessary more often. The pattern is best left to the experts in dog salon, must come from regional traditions that are in the world and within Europe vary. The coat is also necessary to regularly wash quality dog shampoo to maintain a beautiful snow-white. Education these doggies is not difficult.

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